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The Three Sisters

Premium Asian Ingredients

Daddy Trinh drew this logo with his bare hands, and chose for this mountain range from the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia to represent his business and his connection to the country.

There was a definite lack in the market for premium quality and affordable rice noodles and rice paper from Vietnam where it is made best. Daddy Trinh scoured the whole of Vietnam and tailor designed the products we have today.

the three sisters rice paper 908g packet an australian brand

Our Products

Relied upon by restaurants across Australia and New Zealand. All products are thoroughly tested by Mummy Trinh.
22cm Rice Paper (1kg or 375g)

Rice paper is an essential for any household. Think of it like bread, that never goes stale! Premium rice paper that comes in resealable packaging to preserve the exceptional quality that it is. Sworn to be one of the easiest to use, so that even a beginner would enjoy rolling their own meals.

the three sisters rice paper 375g resealable bag

Honestly, you could roll almost anything in here, try sausages with potato salad! Omelette, rocket, and shredded lettuce. Guacamole, beans, chicken, and salad for a Mexican twist! Tofu, seaweed, rice vermicelli, and some wasabi.

1.0mm Rice Vermicelli (908g or 400g)

Rice vermicelli is used throughout Vietnamese and other Asian cuisines for numerous dishes both with soup and also dry. This large size is great for big families, restaurants, catering companies, or tuckshops! This is one of our best sellers. 

the three sisters rice paper 908g packet an australian brand

Healthy & light!

Enjoy with your loved ones

There’s nothing like the joy of sharing good food with friends and family
Share stories with your loved ones whilst enjoying our food
Use our products to help you grow your business leveraging versatility, authenticity, reliability, health, and taste!

We Care ❤

Our Rice Vermicelli Factory:
❤ Pays wages are above Vietnamese government standards

 Provides social & health insurance to all employees
 Prioritises employing the local community
 Provides accommodation employees in need
 Does not pollute the environment
 Supports the local community during floods and natural disasters
 Supports local farmers from the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam

Our Loyal Fans

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- Daisy Doan
- Lisa Nguyen
- Thanh Tran
- Mary Roberts

“The rice vermicelli tastes like it’s just been freshly made. Incredible for a dry product. It’s soft, yet chewy, and has a lovely bite to it.”

“The Three Sisters is the only brand that I use for rice vermicelli in my restaurant. It’s a brand that I can count on again and again.”​

“Running a franchise means that you rely heavily on the consistency of your ingredients, and we definitely could not do without The Three Sisters Rice Paper.”​

“It was so much easier than I thought to use the rice paper. I felt like an expert on my third roll!”​

Some of these names may have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of our clients.

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